Monday, 21 November 2016

A Christmas Affair

(Part One)

My cab arrived back at the Carlton hotel just as the snow began to fall again.
I paid the driver and Danny and I walked into the lobby of the airport hotel.
It had been a nice evening out, a lovely meal and good company.
There were forty of us at the restaurant, colleagues from all over Europe some of them close friends and some of them more so.
“Night cap?” I asked
“No thanks’ mate I’m on the red eye in the morning” Danny replied.
I looked at my watch and saw it was already morning.
“I’ll say goodnight then” I said and we shook hands and Danny headed for the desk.
I was definitely up for one, so I headed for the bar.
There were only a handful of people in there at that hour and as I caught the night porter’s eye.
“Jameson’s” I said “a large one”
“Make that two” She said from behind me
I recognised the voice and said to the barman “Two”
I turned around and looked at the woman who had been the object of my lust for nine months and an unrequited love for three of those.
Gail Nichols was my older woman, my cougar if you like.
She was four years the wrong side of fifty but still beautiful in my eyes even though I was nineteen years younger.
Gail and I had shared an office for over a year, and at first I loathed her I thought she was vain, overbearing and manipulative.
And her opinion of me was much the same.
But as the weeks changed into months my feelings for her changed with them.
Gail had an English father and a Burmese mother which left her with brown skin and western features.
An exotic looking woman with jet black hair and large brown eyes.
She was tall, slender and very well endowed with legs to die for.
I would surreptitiously watch her move around the office on her shapely legs admiring the tightness of her skirt around her hips and buttocks as she bent.
And when she was sat at her desk my eyes would stray to her gaping blouse and the treasures contained within.
But it wasn’t until a grey overcast day in June, on an office beano to Epsom that we showed each other in no uncertain terms how we felt.
When, as the Derby favourites thundered towards the finish line Gail and I, away from prying eyes, kissed for the first time.
And as we did I unzipped her leather jacket and slipped by hands inside her shirt to caress her naked skin.
Over the weeks that followed, so did more sensually intimate moments, but they were only tasters of what the two of us desired.

We had tried on several occasions to engineer an opportunity to take our burgeoning relationship to the next level.
One such opportunity was a three day trip to visit suppliers, which we got rubber stamped by management and booked appointments and hotels and we were feeling very pleased with ourselves for our lustful scheming.
However an unseen hand dealt us a blow when Gail went down with laryngitis.
Afterwards we tried to just arrange a simple dirty weekend away, Brighton, Bognor, Blackpool and other places that didn’t begin with the letter B.
We even devised an intricate scenario for the benefit of Gail’s husband, which he swallowed hook line and sinker but then that failed at the eleventh hour when I broke my wrist.
We decided we should have one last role of the dice.

(Part Two)

So it was at the Christmas Party weekend in Dublin that we planned to finally consummate our lust.
We had been out to a restaurant in Swords called The Old School House and had spent the evening sitting at the same table for the dinner, discreetly holding hands under the table, but as we left at the end of the evening we got separated and ended up in different cabs so I thought fate had interceded once again and our chance had gone.
Because although I was single at the time, Gail was a married woman, which meant there was some guilt involved.
Even if her husband Peter was a complete waste of space.
But despite and perceived guilt I was delighted to find Gail was waiting for me in the bar when I got back to the hotel.
I hadn’t taken into account that she would want it as bad as I did.
We sat in the corner of the bar and finished our drink.
“Another?” I asked
“I don’t think so” Gail said and stood up, took my hand and dragged me to my feet.
We walked arm in arm to the desk and collected our keys.
With keys in hand Gail hurried me along the corridor until we reached her room where we stood in the corridor and kissed.
At first it was the usual semi controlled kissing we had done so many times but it quickly became hot and passionate as my hand sought out her breast.
She broke away and open the door.
“Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked
“God yes” she replied and pulled me into the room.
Once inside the room I was eager to get started again and immediately tried to get inside her clothes.
Gail however put a stop to things and said
“Not so fast, I want everything to be just so”
“Sorry” I responded not quite sure what “just so” was
But I needn’t have worried it seemed that she wanted to amongst other things get the lighting right.
She was conscious of the age difference and didn’t want me to be disappointed with what she had to offer, because as a much younger man I would have been more used to firmer flesh.
She needn’t have worried.
While she set the scene I was sent into the bathroom and while I was in there I thought it prudent to relieve myself while I had the opportunity.
However such a natural function normally simple rendered is much complicated when you are seriously aroused.
It necessitates adopting the posture of a ski jumper and even then it’s not always successful.
When I left the bathroom I found the room lighting very subdued and Gail
Wearing only a smile and a pair of White lace knickers showing in stark contrast to the gorgeous brown flesh.
“Are you disappointed”? She asked
“You’re even more gorgeous than I had hoped” I replied
She had one arm draped across her breasts
“Good answer” she said as she walked towards me and lowered her arm at the last second and I got my first long lingering look at her large round breast that I had only previously dreamed of, topped with glorious chocolate coloured nipples.
Then she was in my arms and began undressing me.

As we lay entwined in the afterglow still breathing hard from our exertions.
Gail rested her head on my chest and sighed as I reflected that making love with her was everything I had hoped it would be and more and we drifted into a sweet post coital sleep.
After a short sleep I was awoken by Gail tenderly kissing my neck as her hand strove to awaken the rest of me.
And when all of me was fully awake we made love again.
The next day when the rest of our colleagues returned to their home countries Gail and I put into effect our plan to stay on for another night and repeated the joyful pleasure of each other again and again.
I would have gladly continued our unions well into the New Year but alas after the protracted Christmas break Gail took me to one side and to my great surprise ended it.
“But I love you” I said
“And I love you” Gail concurred
“Then why?” I asked
“It has to end, not because I don’t love you” she said “But because despite everything I love my husband”

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