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Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (60) Molly’s Secret Santa

(Part 01)

In 1986, sisters Kay and Molly Webb’s parents were still living at Lakeside Villa on the southern side of the idyllic Teardrop Lake, although the girls spent most of their time in Abbottsford because both girls were nurses at the Winston Churchill Hospital.
Molly was the older of the two by three years and twenty year old Kay was still only a student.

Molly Webb was 5ft 6 with shoulder length blond hair and was a popular nurse at the Winston Churchill Hospital in Abbottsford and the general consensus among doctors and nurses alike was that she was drop dead gorgeous, they also knew all too well that she was aware of the fact and used it to her advantage.
Also on the staff at the Churchill was another blond nurse, more timid and less popular, who was her on/off boyfriend Patrick O’Neill.
When they first met, Pat thought he had found the one, and fell instantly in love, but for Molly it was different, she didn’t fall in love, she never had, for Molly it was all about the sex.
The other difference between them was that Patrick was monogamous, a one woman man, he had always been that way, he had never strayed, he had never even been interested in a another woman while he was in a relationship, and he was straight, whereas Molly was cut from very different cloth and swung both ways and as often as possible, and she loved men and women in equal measure.
But even with Molly’s wandering eye her and Patrick always seemed to end up back together, he for the love and Molly for the lust.
One of her regular lapses to the other side was with her rich cousin Pauline Barker who was a renowned philanderer who had a big house in the village of Shallowfield, a mile or so from Teardrop Lake.
It was a mutually gratifying relationship as Pauline put it about every bit as much as Molly did and played the field for both teams.

Molly’s parents were going to Tipton for a friend’s wedding so she suggested to Patrick that a weekend away from Abbottsford would be a nice change of scenery which could only help their relationship, but that wasn’t all that Molly had in mind for herself.
She proposed a surprise visit to her parent’s house on the pretence of using it as a base for a weekend on the Lake, Patrick however saw through this ruse immediately and refused to go.
“You only want to go so you can sneak off at some time over the weekend to have unnatural relations with Pauline” he said
“That’s not the reason at all babe” Molly said, “The thought never crossed my mind, honestly”
A long protracted argument ensued and ended with Patrick saying
“You have to promise you won’t have sex with Pauline, or I’m not coming”
“Ok I promise” she lied
“Cross you heart” Pat insisted
“What?” Molly said “how old are you?”
“Just do it” he said
“Alright” she said and made the gesture “Cross my heart”

(Part 02)

On the journey down from Abbottsford, Molly was in reflective mood as she mulled over in her mind the various scenarios that might lead to her getting what she wanted from her kissing cousin without Patrick finding out, and those reflections made her tingle as she saw the sign for Shallowfield.
Shallowfield lay on the southern edge of the Finchbottom Vale and Shallowfield’s fortunes had always relied largely upon forestry and agriculture for its survival.
In the post war years with rationing and a shortage of work a lot of people moved away, to Abbottsford, Abbeyvale and beyond and it only barely survived.
And the community around Teardrop Lake fared even worse.
Only a few of the houses around the Lake were thriving, a lot of the houses had been rented out and those that hadn’t were in a poor state of repair, some too such an extent they were little more than ruins.
But by the 70s things were beginning to change, thanks mainly to tourism and an increase in leisure time.
More importantly these people had money in their pockets.
This trend was reflected by the fact that the derelict Shallowfield Lodge, which had been inherited by a young couple from Lincolnshire, Rob and Sheryl Brown, was turned into a hotel.
Its completion formerly marked the rebirth of Teardrop Lake and by extension Shallowfield.

They drove through Shallowfield and turned into the lane that passed the Shallowfield Lodge Hotel and crossed the River Brooke as it flowed from the head of the lake and on towards Shallowfield, Mornington and beyond, and then the Lake was suddenly in front of them.

The lake was shaped like a teardrop, hence its name, and surrounded by the ancient woodland of the Dancingdean Forest.
It wasn’t a huge body of water, just over two miles long and almost a mile at its widest point.
But he thought it was simply beautiful and it had remained relatively un-spoilt which was what made it so special.
The lake was surrounded by a perimeter road which gave access to the 12 significant dwellings that surrounded the lake.
The Webb’s lived at Lakeside Villa on the southern side of the lake.

What neither of them realised as they drove around the perimeter road was that the weekend was going to be life changing, because it marked the time that Patrick was to draw a line under the toxic relationship that he endured with Molly and by the end of the weekend he had fallen in love with her sister Kay.

The next time he went to the Lake it was to see Kay and he knocked on the door and waited for a few minutes before the door was opened by a beaming Kay.
“I was hoping you’d come” she said excitedly
“You were?” he asked in amazement
“Oh yes” she replied “I’ve made us a picnic”

And that was that and from that moment on they were a couple and were married the following year, they lived together in Abbottsford but spent as much time as they possibly could by the lake and eventually they lived fulltime in Lakeside Villa where they raised three boys.
Her parents welcomed Patrick into the family with open arms although Molly never spoke to either of them again.

(Part 03)

After Molly Webb was dumped by her on/off boyfriend she took solace in the arms of her rich cousin Pauline Barker who was a renowned philanderer who had a big house in the village of Shallowfield, a mile or so from Teardrop Lake and they lived together for three years before even Pauline grew tired of her lovers roving eye and wandering hands.

Molly continued to work at the Winston Churchill Hospital in Abbottsford after breaking up with Pauline, because it suited her on many levels.
Because being at a large Hospital she came into contact with a lot of potential partners both male and female.
Like when she was doing a rotation on paediatrics and she met paediatric registrar Polly Jones for the first time
Polly was a tall willowy brunette, 32 years old, stunningly attractive, with short brown hair and hazel eyes.
But sadly for Molly she was also happily married to an oncologist.
Although she was resigned to the fact she was not going to get in the lovely doctors knickers Molly made no secret of the fact to Dr Jones that she fancied her and flirted outrageously with her.

So when Christmas came around and she drew Polly’s name in the Secret Santa she bought her some really slutty underwear, which although she accepted she would never see Polly in them, just thought of her wearing the slutty scanties turned her on while she was barely halfway through wrapping them.

When the big day came she watched Polly carefully as she took the present from under the tree and carefully opened it at the nurse’s station and then blushed scarlet when she saw the contents.
Molly was so thrilled at the Doctors reaction to the sinful selection that she almost forgot to open her own gift.

When Molly finally opened the small Secret Santa present she was more than a little disappointed.
It was a three day, all-inclusive spa break for one, at the Dancingdean Spa Hotel, and although it was an expensive gift, far more than she had spent on the lustful lingerie, it wasn’t really her kind of thing at all.
Molly was in no way the rest and relaxation detox kind of girl.
She liked burning the candle at both ends and toxing her socks off or preferably someone else’s.
In fact if it hadn’t been for the fact that her girlfriend Samantha was so miffed about her going off for a weekend without her she would have given the voucher to someone else.
It was perhaps childish and in the realms of cutting off her nose to spite her face but she thought it was worth it just to see the look on Samantha’s sulky face as she left.

By the time she arrived at the Spa however she had resolved to make the best of it and try to get her Secret Santa their monies worth and when she was greeted in reception by a very attractive specimen of a man, her spirits rose.
He was over six feet tall, lean and muscular, very good looking, and she just hoped he wasn’t gay.

(Part 04)

When she was settled into her room she went on a tour of the facilities to see if she could find something “interesting” to do.
As it was a cold winter day she decided to stay inside and began with refreshments.
Which was when she got the first surprise of the weekend, when she saw, already sitting in the cafeteria wrapped in a pristine white towelling robe, Doctor Polly Jones.
“What kept you?” the smiling Doctor asked and Molly was speechless.
“I didn’t expect to see you here” she said
“I love coming here” Polly said “But I hate coming alone”
“So why me? And not your husband” Molly asked
“This is not his kind of thing at all” she replied “and you’re a good laugh so I thought we’d have fun”
“You could have had fun with a male friend” she said
“No way” she said “I’ve never cheated on Derek with another man”
“You love him?” Molly asked
“Very much so” she replied “What about you and Samantha?”
“What love you mean?”
“Yes, do you love Samantha?” Polly asked
“No, Samantha is just my fall back until something better comes along” she replied
“I see” she said “and what about your sex mad cousin?”
“We’re just sex buddies” she replied and laughed
The conversation moved on then to discuss the range of what was on offer, from fitness classes, the gym, rock sauna, infra-red sauna, aroma steam room, ice fountain, drench showers, Jacuzzi, a Romanesque pool, reflexology, facials, scalp massage, hand massage, Manicure and Pedicure, in the end they settled on a massage followed by a sauna.

The massage was wonderful and Molly was feeling very relaxed as she sat in the sauna room.
“I think it’s time for some of that “Fun” I was talking about” Polly said after she joined her in the sauna a few minutes later, and as she locked the door she turned towards Molly, she got her second surprise of the day when she slipped off her robe and stood in front of Molly completely naked.
“I thought you were happily married” Molly said
“I am”
“And you said you’ve never been unfaithful to Derek” Molly pointed out
“I haven’t” Polly replied “Not with a man”
Now Molly wasn’t a shy girl by any stretch of the imagination but even she was a little shocked and surprised by Polly’s boldness, as the doctor gently kissed her open mouth.
And Molly thought to herself
“Someone better has come along”

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