Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (69) A Poor Little Rich Boy’s Christmas

Phil Marshall was 22 years old and an only child who lived with his parents in a huge 10 bedroom house in the village of Shallowfield on the edge of the Dancingdean Forest, and he had led a very privileged life and he was spoilt and conceited and had grown accustomed to always getting what he wanted.

So when the Purcell’s came to stay for the family Christmas gathering in the 1990’s and he set his cap for their eldest daughter Denise he fully expected to get his wish and sleep her.
She was a year younger than him with flaming red shoulder length hair and a busty undulating form that made his heart race.

He planned on wasting no time in getting in his Cousin Denise’s bed but alas on the first night beneath the Marshall’s roof he fell asleep while he waited for the house to fall silent.
So on the second night he made sure he didn’t succumb to sleep before Denise succumbed to his lust.
It was just after 1 am when he tiptoed across the landing in a Santa Suit, full of expectation but as he slowly opened the door he was greeted by the discouraging sight of Denise cuddled beneath the duvet with the family housekeeper Josie McCalonan.
As he stood watching, Denise suddenly opened her eyes and realised he was there and said
“There’s no one in here for you Santa we’ve had out presents” and she smiled contentedly.

Phil closed the door and turned around to find Denise’s older sister Rachel standing by her open bedroom door and as Rachel had carried a torch for Phil for several years she said.
“If she’s not interested I wouldn’t say no to a present”
Rachel was not as pretty or busty or as sexy as her sister but she was obviously straight, she was willing and she was standing across the landing so Phil decided that she may have been second best but he knew that she would still give him a Christmas to remember.

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