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Ex Police Dog, Zeus (voiced by Mario Lopez) is rescued from the pound by George Bannister (Gary Valentine) much to the displeasure of wife Belinda (Elisa Donovan) and the delight of Kara and Ben (Sierra McCormick and Charlie Stewart).

George eventually wins Belinda over after a spate of local burglaries are reported in the newspaper because of Zeus’s history as a police dog, however after it transpires that he has lost his bark, he is destined to be returned to the pound after the holidays.

So, when the family all go to spend Christmas Eve with Grandma Bannister (Mindy Sterling) Zeus is left alone, which is the night that burglars Ted Stein (Dean Cain) and Stewey McMann (Joey Diaz) intend to rob the house.

It’s up to Zeus, aided by Cat Lady (Adrienne Barbeau), to find his bark to thwart the burglars and save Christmas?  



This film is based on a true story about an estranged couple who find themselves lost in the Idaho wilderness after in impromptu snowmobile outing.

It was just before Christmas and when the weather turns, they are trapped in a blizzard and the snowfall is so great all the trails are hidden.

Lost and alone Suzanne and Jim Shemwell (Jami Gertz and Dylan Walsh) are forced to confront the reasons why they separated.

Meanwhile their family, when they are not looking for Suzanne and Jim, are looking inward at themselves and re-evaluate their lives and their relationships.



There have been two versions of Miracle on 34th Street and both are well worth watching.

It’s the story of a child, Susan Walker (Mara Wilson) who has been brought up by her mother Dorey (Elizabeth Perkins) not to believe in Santa Claus however she unknowingly employs the real Kris Kringle (Richard Attenborough) to be Santa Claus at Macy’s department store and the more time Susan spends with Kris the more she believes.

However, Kris is arrested and has to go to trial where Brian Bedford (Dylan McDermott) has to prove he is the real Santa and is not insane.

Apart from being a hugely enjoyable film its notable that Mara Wilson stole the show and out shone Santa.



Mrs. Merkle (Doris Roberts) as if by holiday magic pops up in a family-owned New York City department store as a sassy saleswoman, but no one remembers hiring her.

She gets to work quickly on her boss Jake (Eric Johnson) and his dad, JR (Tom Butler) who have a strained relationship to say the least.

Her mission is to help JR rediscover the magic of Christmas while helping along a romance with Jake and Holly (Jewel Staite).

Holly is a beautiful but put-upon assistant to a fashion designer, Lindy Lowe (Lauren Holly), and is also the legal guardian to her nephew, Gabe, while her brother is overseas with the army.
But before long with her unquenchable and infectious spirit, she has things under control at the store, but Mrs. Miracle still had a lot of work ahead of her in order that it is a magical Christmas for all.



Holly (Jennifer Freeman) has booked a romantic break for two at a Christmas resort where they can participate in all the festive traditions, and she can propose to boyfriend Phil (Michael Copon).

When it comes to the crunch Phil doesn’t take it well and says he has to work things out with ex Tiffany (Nikki Leigh) before he can answer, as a result Holly dumps him.

So, Phil heads down the mountain to spend Christmas with Tiffany and her family, leaving Holly sobbing on a bench.

She is comforted by sympathetic resort employee Jake (Johnny Pacar) who was to be the driver for a romantic sleigh ride she had planned with Phil.

As she has a whole range of festive activities, including the sleigh ride, bought, and paid for, Jake persuades her to do them anyway, which she reluctantly agrees to, as she has hours to wait for the train, providing he accompanies her. 

As they pass the time together enjoying all the Christmas traditions a connection is made and when she misses the only train of the day off the mountain, she is forced stay the night in the cabin she booked for her and Phil, and they become even closer.

But after a row with Tiffany, it dawns on Phil that he has made a huge mistake and decides to re-join Holly, so Holly finds herself on a romantic holiday with two men who have feelings for her, so which beau will she choose? 


Bobby Cole (Bryson Sams) and his smart but boisterous dog Chilly love their life in   Sunshine Beach getting into scrapes and having adventures on the beach with his friends. 

But one day his father Patrick (C. Thomas Howell) announces he is being transferred to New York City, and to make matters worse, Chilly can’t go with them because he is untrained.

So, Bobby and his friends have only one week to turn the boisterous crazy beach dog into a well behaved, civilized, fit for New York indoor city dog.

And if that’s not enough to contend with there are the unforeseen consequences of opening their doors to prospective house buyers as they also make welcome a group of dangerous dog-nappers, led by Quarterman (Tom Arnold), who are hell bent on stealing Chilly who the boys have to fend off on Christmas eve. 

Thursday, 30 June 2022


Country Music Star, Adelaide Kay (Becca Tobin) accidently gets left behind in Preston, Virginia, with no money no phone and no luggage, when her tour bus departs believing her to be aboard.

However, she borrows a phone from Hailey Lapp (Kendra Leigh Timmins) who is working on the Christmas tree lot so she can contact Sandra Renee (Zarrin Darnell-Martin) who is part of her entourage but can only leave a voice mail.

So Hailey takes her back to the farm and she is taken in by the kindly tree farming Lapp family, and being further stranded due to snow storms, Hailey’s parents, (Paula Boudreau and David Keeley) invite her to stay until she can get picked up, but none of the family realize who she is, except for son Dylan (Kevin McGarry) who knew who she was the first moment he saw her, because he was an aspiring musician, hoping one day to follow his heart and move to Nashville, if he had the courage.

The Lapp’s know the true meaning of the season but Spending time with them Addy soon finds that they are in danger of losing the farm they love, and Addy really wants to help them but doesn’t know how.

Adelaide enjoys the break from stardom and the longer she spends in Preston, the more she resents the path she is being forced to follow by her controlling manager Dean (Jason Paul), who won't even let her to write her own songs anymore.

Also, time spent on the farm means she grows ever closer to Dylan as they begin writing a new song together which shows her true voice.

In the end she rebels against her managers deceitful plans and follows dream and her heart and together Adelaide and Dylan perform their Christmas song live on stage at the Lapps farm which cements their love and saves the farm.