Monday, 29 May 2017

Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (72) Christmas Party Girls

Steve Danone hated office parties, but at Cooper, Brandon and Holland Accountants in Shallowfield, it was an annual ritual that apparently had to be endured.
The reason he didn’t like them was that all the really nice girls turned out to have no taste in men whatsoever, the plain homely looking ones turned out to be total sluts, the friendly ones got all bitter and depressed and the outgoing bubbly ones just got falling down drunk.
And it was worse that year in particular because there was one girl that he particularly fancied, Carol Herd, and he really didn’t want to see what became of her after a few drinks so he went across the street to the Plough for a couple of hours and when he returned the party was over.
There were one or two revellers remaining, a middle-aged man called David was unconscious at his desk, a girl called Ellie from accounts was throwing up in her waste bin and a plain looking woman from legal called Dorcas was spread-eagled across the conference room table singing “O Holy Night”.
And the only thing about the scene that surprised him was that she was the senior partner.
“Same old, same old” he said as he returned to his office where he found Carol Herd sitting in his leather chair behind his desk.
“I think you are in the wrong office,” he said thinking she was drunk but she stood up and walked towards him
“Oh I don’t believe I am” she said, stone cold sober “Especially now that you’ve finally got here”

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