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Christmas Movie Reviews # 3


Santa Claus (Leslie Nielsen) takes a recreational flight on the sleight one night and ends up accidentally falling out.
As a result of the fall he is left suffering with amnesia, but as he was dressed in his red suit as Santa Claire Dreyer (Robyn Lively) got him a job in a department store grotto while hard bitten newsman Peter Albright (Steven Eckholdt) tries to find out who he is.
But it takes the innocence of a small child, Claire’s son Zack (Max Morrow) to save Santa and Christmas.
Leslie Nielsen is wonderful as the confused Santa in a very entertaining Christmas tale.


Holly Maddux (Claire Coffee) is an advertising executive in New York and dreams of the perfect life, the perfect job, and of course, the perfect man to perfectly sweep her off her feet.
Then one day she comes around after a fall in the street to find the "perfect man" standing over her. And the perfect hunky gentleman helped her up and she hit it off with her new beau immediately.
However Holly soon begins to discover that the pressure to be perfect all the time is not at all as great as she expected.
And perfect Bo (Ryan McPartlin) is nothing more than a mannequin who has come to life and it takes time for her to realise that perfection is much closer to hand than she thought in the shape of photographer Milo Ames (Jeff Ward) and the real love that's been waiting for her all along.


Julia Stonecypher (Olivia Newton-John) is a widowed mother with financial woes who lives on her husband’s farm with her children Emily Rose (Stephanie Sawyer) and Deenie (Chloe Lattanzi).
Just before Christmas in the teeth of a snowstorm, Brian Harding (Gregory Harrison) arrives at the farm to serve a foreclosure notice.
Despite her anger towards the man Julia must come to his aid when he crashes his car in the snow and hits his head.
An uncomfortable atmosphere ensue but as it’s a Christmas story there is a happy ending just around the corner.


Susan Stone (Ally Walker) is a proper Bah! Humbug! Character.
She is a young but jaded book editor who has lost the passion and drive that defined her and the girl of her childhood has been replaced by one who is consumed with self-doubt in her abilities.
Susan has all but given up on happiness and is on the verge of losing her job and is fast becoming persona non grata with her only remaining family.
Then out of nowhere, a cheerful, carefree, full of life seven-year-old girl named Suzie (Hayden Panettiere), surprises Susan at her apartment.
As the story unfolds it turns out that little Suzie is the embodiment of Susan's inner child.
She is the Susan she once was all those years ago and she was there to help the lost adult Susan rediscover and recapture the love of life that she had once had but somewhere along the line had lost.
But it is a new author Thom Weller (Tom Amandes) who truly redeems the modern-day Ebenezer Scrooge.


Jessie Patterston (Arielle Kebbel) is on her third fiancé and is about to tie the knot, but despite her white gown and a chapel full of guests waiting for her grand entrance, she gets cold feet again and bypasses the altar and goes out of the back door.
No one is happy, especially not her fiancé Mike (Sage Brocklebank) or her sister and business partner Vivian (Kimberly Sustad)
It was the right choice for her though, because she realized it wasn't true love she felt for him so she vowed to concentrate on her job and her volunteer work at an animal shelter.
Meanwhile, Aiden (Andrew K. Walker) is having a card game with three of his male, married friends. As the only bachelor present and seemingly a confirmed one, he takes on a bet from the others.
It involved getting a woman to say "yes" to his proposal of marriage before Christmas Day.
Obviously the first lovely lady that Aiden casts a serious eye on is Jessie while he is at an art gallery.
But Jessie has sworn off serious relationships until she finds the one but the charming albeit chronically single Aiden comes along and from then on they have a connection and become closer and closer despite Mike’s efforts to break them up but obviously love will out.
This is a lovely Christmas movie and is a must see for romcom fans.


Wendy Walton (Laura Breckenridge) is the best designer in Boston, unfortunately nobody knows it yet.
So in the hope of kick-starting her career, she left work as the set designer with the local theatre to take a job as an assistant to Priscilla Hall (Elisabeth Röhm), the most prestigious designer in the city, she is however also the biggest bitch in the city and works Wendy around the clock.
And it was on one such occasion at Ms Hall’s apartment building that Wendy found herself trapped in an elevator late one night with an incredibly handsome stranger.
Where she and the mystery man share an impulsive, romantic, life-changing kiss before the doors opened and Wendy ran out, leaving him in her wake.
But after the spontaneous kiss, the struggling designer unwittingly ends up falling in love with the boyfriend of her demanding boss Adam Hughes (Brendan Fehr) a wealthy philanthropist.
She discovers his identity when she answers the door to him at her boss’s apartment, he however does not recognize her, which made things even more awkward for her when Priscila assigns her to decorate his house for a big party at Christmas.
And as Christmas approached the two of them spent more and more time together and Wendy realized she was falling in love with him.
Meanwhile her boss was not only expecting him to propose to her she was actively scheming to ensure it happened, so where would that leave Wendy?


Christine Eisley (Bethany Joy Lenz) is a single mom struggling as her life is falling apart.
Her ex-husband Brad (Greyston Holt) won’t pay her child support but is petitioning for custody of the children, Zach (William Ainscough) and Haylie (Jaeda Lily Miller),
On top of which they are being evicted from their home before Christmas and her car is on its last legs.
One day she witnessed an accident and saved a woman’s life by performing CPR and her reward was to lose her job for being late to work.
But when one door closes another opens up and she quickly found another job at Betty’s Bakery, and Betty (Nicola Cavendish) turns out to be a great friend and more.
Fortunately Christine finds a magical family heirloom that leads to love in the form of Jason (John Reardon) and general good fortune during Christmas.


One Christmas a young girl, Ellie (Lauren Coe) witnesses her father having an affair and discovers her boyfriend with another girl on the same night and in her anger and frustration she declares she will never love anybody ever again.
As a result, her guardian angel Tom (Hugh O'Connor) is forced to abandon her.
16 years later the young vivacious Ellie has aged into Liz (Amy Huberman) a successful, thirty-something doctor, driven and cold, who is about to marry a man of similar disposition and doesn't fully realize she is settling for less than she deserves.
Arc Angel Green (John Rhys Davies) reassigns Tom and gives him a second chance as her guardian angel to guide her back to the person she should have become.
Unable to speak to her directly he travels through time and enlists the help of young Ellie and the sad, lonely older woman Beth (Fionnula Flanagan) to steer her in the right direction and to the right man.
It’s a lovely Christmas Tale and just the kind of thing we expect from Hallmark.


It’s the summer and there’s a new Santa in town (Bruce Kirby) and everyone seems to be happy about it with the possible exception of city attorney of Elizabeth Gates (Shelley Long).
But her son Tommy (Nathan Lawrence) is a regular visitor to the street where Santa had turned his home into a kind of year-round Santa Claus castle where children of all ages could come to see the wonderful presents and no child would leave without a gift.
But Elizabeth steps in to make him stop his “commercial' enterprise” in an area zoned for private homes.
Journalist Frank Mallory (Barry Bostwick) is assigned to write a piece about Santa’s philanthropic generosity and the City Attorney’s public action against Santa but he soon discovers she knows more about Santa than she wants to admit.


Workaholic Santa Claus (Mairtin O’Carrigan) was exhausted and overwhelmed with the demands of modern children and his wife Rebecca (Tedde Moore) sensed her husband was losing his Christmas spirit.
So believing she can help him recapture his bliss Mrs Clause secretly heads to the one place she knows that the spirit of Christmas must still exist, New York City, which was where she first fell in love with her husband Nick.
However New York was a very different place to the one she remembered and she was beginning to have doubts herself until in a crowded diner, Rebecca befriends a caring cop Joe (Greg Bryk), who was worried about her.
He reveals to her that he and his wife Lucy (Tricia Helfer) were in the middle of a divorce. Rebecca sensed that Joe was still very much in love with his wife, and agreed to work temporarily as the family’s nanny until Christmas.
Rebecca’s hope was that by healing Joe and Lucy’s family, she would show Santa that Christmas miracles are still possible and his job was as valuable as ever.

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