Friday, 2 December 2016

Christmas Selection Box # 10


Father Christmas, Father Christmas,
Left his bag, Left his bag;
Up beside the chimney,
Up beside the chimney;
What a drag, what a drag.


Paper Angels is by far the best Christmas movie of the last 30 years.
It is possessed with all the usual ingredients for a seasonal film, romance, humour, schmaltz, pathos and a strong Christian message but this one has something else, a surprise ending.
And that’s not something that’s easy to pull off in a Christmas movie.
Lynn Brandt (Josie Bissett) is an abused wife who leaves her alcoholic husband Darryl (Russell Porter) on Thanksgiving and moves with her children Thomas (Rustin Gresiuk) and Sara (Farryn Van Humbeck) to another town.
A year later and Lynn is working hard but getting nowhere financially and has to tell her son Thomas that they can’t afford a tree, decorations or presents.
Thomas is already having problems of his own as he’s still the new boy at high school and is being regularly bullied.
Their lives slowly become entwined with another family in trouble Kevin Morrell (Matthew Settle) has a failing business and his wife Jenny (Kendra Anderson) is heavily pregnant.
Thomas and Kevin become friends on the basketball court at a church youth club while Jenny’s pregnancy takes a turn for the worst.
Lynn finds a solution for the lack of Christmas presents and signs up the children for the Paper Angels which allows those on low incomes to write their child’s name and the desired gifts on the back of a Paper Angel hanging on the Christmas Tree at the Mall.
The school bullying soon turns to cyber bullying when another student puts up a Facebook appeal to help a poor kid namely Thomas.
But after he is befriended by popular girl Cassie Bale (Anja Savcic), Thomas uses the cyber bullying to his own advantage and turns the Facebook campaign into a charity collection for the Salvation Army.
Predictably perhaps Kevin gets Thomas’s angel from the tree, but the gifts he asks for are far from predictable.


Everybody loves it
Even if they won’t admit it
From the newly bred
To the nearly dead
Christmas is the bee’s knees
From decorated Christmas trees
To candlelight and mistletoe
And every happy Ho Ho Ho
Some may not agree
At least not openly
But are quite happy
To enjoy it secretly


I dream of Christmas
And Santa's loaded sleigh
I dream about the reindeer
Bringing Santa Claus my way


Sussex Mummers Carol
Traditional English Carol Writer unknown

God bless the master of this house
With happiness beside;
Where e'er his body rides or walks
His God be his guide.
His God be his guide.

God bless the mistress of this house
With gold chain round her breast;
Where e'er her body sleeps or wakes,
Lord, send her soul to rest.
Lord, send her soul to rest.

God bless your house, your children too,
Your cattle and your store;
The Lord increase you day by day,
And send you more and more.
And send you more and more.


Santa Claus works really hard
Dawn till dusk all the year long
And he is happy with his team
They are always singing a song
But in December he’s in the spotlight
And he can’t put a foot wrong
He must be on his best behaviour
When Christmas Eve comes along
He doesn’t really like the limelight
It’s the back room where he belongs
And during his great journey
When he suffers the reindeers pong
It’s for his happy team of helpers
And the cosy workshop he will long
He is much happier in the workshop
Working and Singing a Christmas song


My brother has a Christmas tree
My sister has one too
My parents have a Christmas tree
That is beautiful to view

The town square has a Christmas tree
The school has one too
Trafalgar square has a Christmas tree
That is beautiful to view

And the thing they have in common
Is that they are CHRISTMAS trees
Decorated and trimmed
To be quite beautiful you see

They are not part of a general holiday
Nor are they akin to Hanukkah
They are not part of a Winter Festival
CHRISTMAS Trees is what they are

And around our Christmas tree
We celebrate the blessed day
And all say Happy Christmas
But never happy holiday


If December ice will bear a duck
Thereafter will be slush and muck
But grab the duck off the ice
And Christmas lunch be very nice


I’ll be home for Christmas
Written By Walter Kent; Buck Ram, Kim Gannon
Performed By Frank Sinatra

I'm dreamin' tonight of a place I love
Even more than I usually do
And although I know it's a long road back
I promise you
I'll be home for Christmas
You can count on me
Please have snow and mistletoe
And presents under the tree
Christmas Eve will find me
Where the love light beams
I'll be home for Christmas
If only in my dreams
Christmas Eve will find me
Where the love light beams
I'll be home for Christmas
If only in my dreams
If only in my dreams


Why can we not bottle its essence?
The Christmas recipe,
That heady concoction
That special combination
Light of heart,
Quick of step
A song on the lips
A symphony in the heart
Externally warmed by the fireside
Internally warmed by mulled wine
Generosity of spirit
Jollity and laughter
Its crisp cold winter days
And frosty starry nights
Evergreens and mistletoe
The smells of a Christmas kitchen
Infused with cinnamon and ginger
It’s over indulgence
It’s thinking of others
Absent friends
Far away loved ones
It’s sharing and caring
It’s loving thy neighbour
Its compassion
Its children laughing
Its mothers sighing
It’s the Christmas recipe
Why can we not bottle its essence
So that at times when are souls are troubled
Or our hearts are heavy
At moments when the darkness has descended
We could unscrew the cap
And breathe deeply of its heady brew
And be once more refreshed

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